STRAIGHTENING When you run over a pot hole or an object on the road, your wheel can be bent out of shape. This can cause problems such as air leakage, your tire can wobble, pulling of the car, or it could also cause a tire not to be able to be balanced.
- Our technician will spin your wheel and find the spots where it needs to be fixed. Using a series of tools and techniques developed throughout years on working on wheels. Our technicians will repair the bents so they no longer cause any problems.


CRACKS/WELDING In some case a wheel will crack or pieces of it will go missing.
- Our technician will inspect the wheel and identify any cracks the wheel may have. These cracks will be repaired by our professional welders and the wheel will look like new again.


REFINISHING Once we take off any imperfections on your wheel we will apply the finishing touches to make it look new. We apply powder coating so that your wheel has the same finish as it did when it came out of the factory. We can match almost any finish including machined, chromed, polished and hyper slivers.


POLISHING The wheel is giving the look of a really shinny metal. We use what as known as showroom polish to insure the best look on your wheel. Making sure it matches the factory finish.


CHROMING Is a plating process. In order to fix chromed wheels the old chrome must first be chemically removed, and then the wheel will be re-chromed using a three stage electroplating process. Our chrome is of the highest quality anybody can offer. We also have one of the fastest turn around in the business.


HYPER-SILVER Is a special paint that gives a wheel a look of being polished in a unique way.


MACHINED Have you ever seen a metallic color or stainless steel looking wheel?
This affect is achieved by cutting the surface of the wheel with a computer controlled machined.